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From Idea to Hypothesis
Navigate from Idea to Traction: A Streamlined, Step-by-Step Guide to Achieve Initial Traction in Just One Month!
1. Business Strategy Definition
Together, we'll outline your business strategy, with tasks for you to understand and shape your business direction.
2. Minimal Brand Development
We guide you in creating a basic brand identity, involving you in key branding decisions.
3. Pitch Deck Creation
We design with you a pitch deck and involve you in its development.
4. Landing Page Design
We'll assist in creating a landing page for your idea, solidifying its web presence and significantly boosting its credibility.
5. Communication Strategy for LinkedIn and Social Media
We'll develop a tailored communication strategy for LinkedIn and other social media platforms, enhancing your project's visibility and engagement.
6. Ideal Customer Profile Creation
We help identify your target customer, involving you in the process to better understand your market.
7. No-Code Solution Development
We build a no-code version of your product.
8. Traction
Engage and expand your customer base through strategic promotion and user scaling methods, establishing a strong market presence and laying the foundation for sustained growth.
9. Mentorship and Support
Expect 4-6 mentorship calls and ongoing chat support, with assigned tasks to keep you engaged and learning.

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Last update on 20 Apr 2023